Eat Your Medicine

You can eat Roses?

double-petaled dark pink rose

Never one to swoon over roses before, I’ve suddenly become a devotee. It could be my age, I will admit. Roses are said to have a special pull for (ahem) “mature” women.

But I lean towards the idea that it’s more to do with familiarity. Getting to know the antique Roses I brought into the garden a few years back has been such a joy!

Roses have been used throughout history not only for perfumes and cosmetics, but also for food and medicine. Did you know Rose hips have 50% more vitamin C than oranges?

Though indispensable in my bodycare, somehow I haven’t gotten around to actually incorporating them into my diet.

So I’m on a mission to change that! And I’m hoping to start with this recipe for a traditional Kurdish dessert, Yellow Rose Petals with Almonds (1:46 minute video).

And over at The Joy of Soup, there’s dozens of creative recipes for Rose everything from syrup to cookies to pesto to soup. Can’t wait to get cooking!