Garden Life

Winter Harvest at the Micro-Farm

winter lettuce from the cold-frame

Here’s Hawkeye with fresh-picked lettuce and arugula from the cold frame on December 23rd. This is what I call living large! (Okay, the tattered basket might not qualify as “large”. New baskets are on the list!)

We’ve had snow since then and wouldn’t be getting anymore growth from the plants anyway, so that’s it for us for the rest of the Winter. Lettuce should be ready again by mid-March.

Beets, carrots and scallions are planted in the cold frame too, but this is our first try at over-wintering them so I’ve no idea what to expect.


All of next season’s veggie seeds have been ordered, and the Seed Savers Exchange and Johnny’s Selected Seeds orders are already here.

Just waiting now on my Baker Creek order for a special hot pepper, Scotch Bonnet Yellow, among a few other fun heirlooms.

These peppers are a standard in Caribbean cooking having what’s described as “shocking” heat with a fruity flavor. I had a taste of their amazingly delicious hot sauce when Hawk’s folks gave us a bottle they bought in the Bahamas. I’m really excited to add them to the hot pepper collection we’ve got going: Ho Chi MinhMaule’s Red Hot, and Fish.

I’m needing some herb seed too, but I haven’t got my list for Horizon Herbs ready yet (Horizon also has a nice selection of organic vegetable seed, but I’m trying to not go too crazy!).

This year, I’ll be integrating herbs into our off-site vegetable garden. Adding a variety of herbs and flowers is a great thing to do to attract pollinators to the veggie garden, and can also help with soil health. If I get to harvest them for food or medicine, that’s a bonus 😉