fresh herbs with mortar and pestle and bottles of essential oils
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To Craft, or Not To Craft

That is the question that has been plaguing me. Making bodycare is definitely my thing- don’t get me wrong- I am endlessly awed and entertained watching herbs transform oil and wax into incredibly useful, beautiful things. But is it the best contribution I can be making to the world right now?

I racked my brain. I searched my heart. I threw tarot cards. I asked the spider living in the shower. I heard no answer. Being unsure of the right way to go, I pretty much stopped.

After time spent agonizing, reading and re-reading herbal texts on the bookshelf and feeling only more unsure, my husband asked me to make him some salve. Then I ran out of moisturizer. My mom’s been asking for soap for months. Maybe my small offering of plant-powered bodycare is actually needed?

Maybe what was really getting me down was trying to compete in the ‘natural beauty industry’. The marketing hype and mistruths are equally aggravating and discouraging.

So I’m rededicating myself to my craft. Rededicating myself to sharing the plants in a way that brings me happiness. It’s making oils and salves and butters (and someday back to soaps and creams too) that you can feel happy about using, and hopefully it can be sharing herbie knowledge and experience too… which leads to the idea I’ve been talking about starting since last Fall…

My Garden Party. A private place online where we can to hang out, talk plants, swap recipes, and explore plant magic. It may seem inconvenient compared to a social media group, but I am not on FB, haven’t been able to click with The Gram, and find conversation by Tweet a bit difficult.

I’m still “planting” the Garden but you can get a preview of my plan at the Garden Party page. Registration is open, and if you have feedback, that would be really helpful!