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The Enplantae story (so far)

It started with essential oils and a desire for clean, natural products. It grew into a herb garden that took over the backyard and a desire for real connection with the world.

Today, is the new incarnation of work that began in 2007. Back then, I was making perfumes, salves, soaps, and face creams under the name ‘Paradise City Herbal’ (Paradise City being the nickname of my hometown, Northampton, MA).

As the love affair with plants grew, my husband Hawkeye and I expanded our backyard garden to a ‘micro-farm’ with a rented field in a neighboring town (about a 15 minute drive, 30 minutes with traffic, not ideal but it worked). We grew herbs and vegetables organically as ‘Paradise City Micro-Farm’ for 10 years with 2019 being our last season.

Farming was a joy for us. Living so intimately with the plants, the wild critters, the weather, became all we really wanted to do.

Early in 2019 we began plotting an escape from the hustle-bustle of our rapidly-growing little city to get closer to nature. We dreamed of being closer to the ocean, having a sailboat to explore the Caribbean, and planned a 5 year transition.

For fun, we started looking online at houses for sale in the town we wanted to move to. Wouldn’t you know it, a house we LOVED popped up. Suddenly, Hawkeye and I couldn’t figure out what we were waiting 5 years for. We decided to move as quickly as possible.

We’re currently still in Northampton, but are hoping to be settled in our new hometown of Oriental, NC by early Summer 2020. The farm is shut down but the herbal kitchen will be re-opening with new product offerings and a new cybergarden where we can talk plants, share garden tips, swap recipes, and learn from each other how to bring more green into our lives.