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    It’s getting embarrassing…

    Several people have asked me recently, “Are you still making your herbal products?”. It’s kindof getting embarrassing because I am making things all the time but no one seems to know… My fault, of course! I’m not good with keeping up my newsletter and blog posts. It’s a busy time for us on the farm right now as well, getting all the seeds started and plants into the ground. But I do have skin balms available here in the online shop. Made with Watermelon Seed oil, Mango Butter, and Virgin Coconut oil, they are a richly moisturizing, dry skin treat. Perfect for the rough skin of gardening hands 🙂 Salves and soaps…

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    Shiitake Soap Surprise

    Unveiling my first-ever batch of Shiitake hand-milled soap. These cocoa butter soaps are palm oil-free, made with our farm-grown Shiitake, and naturally scented with Bay, Amyris, Ravensara, and Lemon essential oils*. (*I think this blend was inspired by some recent island hopping in the West Indies- It occurred to me as I was cooking the soap. I’d originally planned a sage/cedarwood kind of thing.) Soap takes several weeks to cure, so I have a bit to wait before I can start one of the best parts of my job: product testing!

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    Good Soap.

      When I’m not in the garden, I’m in the studio crafting vegan bodycare with herbs and veggies. Here’s my latest: ‘Lettuce & Lavender’ cocoa butter soap with poppy seeds for a little scrub and lavender, fennel, and marjoram essential oils for an intriguingly herbal scent. One of seven new blends coming soon! Gentle, creamy, softly aromatic, handmade with natural ingredients. And palm oil-free. My idea of a good soap.

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    Hand-Milled Soaps Returning

      Now that the weather’s turning colder and the farm is slowing down, I’m able to get back to work in the bodycare studio… Our hand-milled soaps are returning, with new ‘flavors’ and a new blend of oils that will stand up to your shower (I LOVE my old 100% Olive Oil soaps, but they do have a tendency to melt… ). My new blend still uses Olive Oil, but it’s combined with Coconut Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Cocoa Butter, and Castor Oil, giving a firmer yet very gentle soap that won’t melt in your shower. They still have a luxurious lather (a little more bubbly than straight Olive Oil, I think), are scented naturally with essential oils,…

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    Soaping on Schedule

    Boy, for one crazy minute there while pondering how to get done everything that needs doing this year, I decided to give up on soap-making. That was scary! I am so enamored with hand-milling olive oil soap, it made me kindof bummed that it was gone. Soap takes about a month to fully dry and cure though, so I have to plan out my soaping schedule in advance to make sure it gets fit in. And I can only make so much, so I have to limit my choice of blends. the definites for this year are: Rose, with Rose petals, Marshmallow root, and Geranium essential oil Lavender, with Lavender flowers,…

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    See You at the Market Tomorrow!

    Come see our little slice of herbal heaven tomorrow at the Florence Farmers Market, 2-6 pm! We’ve got tons of tasty garden goodies for you like fresh-cut spearmint, garlic chives, sorrel, spinach, and radish. And we have fresh greens for your furry companions too- “Pet Grass” is nutritious wheat grass growing in leak-proof Chinese food take-out containers. Our indoor kitties are crazy for it! If you’re looking for plants to add to your garden, we’ll have the medicinal herbs st. johnswort, echinacea, yarrow, and motherwort, plus lots of heirloom tomato and hot pepper starts. Last but not least, you’ll also find my handmade vegan bodycare there: eye cremes, moisturizers, baby balm, baby powder, and…