Meet the Herbs

Rosemary loves sailors

rosemary shrub growing next to stone wall

For 2 1/2 months I’ve been saying I’m settling in to my new garden but today I still don’t feel any more settled. It’s really sinking in just how hard it is to move three garden zones (from zone 5 in MA to zone 8 in NC) into an established garden with mostly new-to-me plants.

My dwarf Meyer Lemon tree made the trip but is one of the very few plants I could bring, so the first mission after landing here was a trip to the local nursery.

The first plant I bought was Rosemary.

Rosemary is believed to be a very protective plant, and aspiring sailor that I am, was tickled to find this in the book “Magical Herbalism” by Scott Cunningham:

“(Rosemary) Has connections with the sea so is used in all sea rituals as well as sachets designed to ensure a safe, easy passage on the water.

A good protective sachet for boat or ship passengers can be made up of rosemary, garlic (to stop storms), and mistletoe (to guard against lightning storms)”.

It is said that Rosemary grows best where one can hear the sea. Perhaps Rosemary feels the same love for the deep blue as sailors do.