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Reluctant Farewell to Florence Farmers Market

It’s raining today, so instead of being in the garden I’m in the office trying to catch up on everything ‘not garden’ that’s been neglected since gardening season hit….

Good news first: Our new Salad Greens mix and Lettuce Greens mix are growing really well, the new harvester we bought for them is working out great which allows us to produce more, and we have them packaged in biodegradable / compostable cello bags made from wood cellulose fibers sourced with sustainable forestry principles.

(Can you guess ‘organic’ greens in PLASTIC bags send me around the bend?)

Okay, now the bad news: Hawkeye and I are so overwhelmed expanding to our second off-site field this year that we realized we couldn’t farm well, with real care and attention to the plants, without giving up something.

So, reluctantly, we must say farewell to Florence Wednesday Farmers Market.

At least for now. If things smooth out, we hope to be back!