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Planting Seeds and Dreams

winter coldframe
garden cold frame

Cold cold cold! I’m not really a fan of Winter, but can appreciate the crispy clear air and the exquisiteness of frost patterns on cold frame glass. Don’t get to see that everyday!

frost on cold frame glass
cold frame glass closeup

But honestly, I’d rather be inside curled up with a blanket, cup of tea, and pile of seed catalogs dreaming about next year’s garden (bound to be a cat on my lap in this scenario, too- bonus!).

Pouring over the descriptions and pictures of all the different herbs and vegetables in the catalogs is endlessly entertaining. I have a list of what we grew last year, a list of what we want to grow again and what we’re phasing out, and a list of new varieties to try.

Good King Henry is one of the new ones that I’ve wanted to bring in to the garden for several years.┬áThis year, I finally get my chance.

Sortof an herb and sortof a vegetable, I think of it mainly as substitute for spinach, but you can also eat the shoots, flower buds, and seeds. And it grows in partial shade, so I don’t have to give up any prime growing space.

The other major trial will be a couple of new cherry tomatoes. I’m trying to find a replacement for a favorite we’ve grown for years, “Sun Gold”.

Is it one of your favorites too? Seems everyone loves sweet Sun Gold cherries, but they are a hybrid and we prefer open-pollinated, so the hunt for a worthy substitute is on!