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Paradise Keeps Getting Better

calendula creme
calendula creme

Not sure if it has anything to do with the New Moon today, but my thoughts are ‘turned inward’ and I’m feeling reflective…. What a lovely Summer we had, what an abundant harvest we are still enjoying, and what a treat it’s been to receive such positive feedback on our work from folks at the farmers market.

Many thanks for supporting our efforts at the herban micro-farm!

While Hawkeye is still out planting and tending our Fall/Winter crops, I’m busy getting the bodycare that debuted at the farmers market this Summer cooked up and into our online store at

New moisturizing cremes, new toners and hydrosols, new salves and balms, and a few more surprises will be rolling out over the next few weeks (I’m testing a mud hair wash among other things).

Our little piece of Paradise just keeps getting better!