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Jenny Lind Melon

jenny lind melon

Here’s one of our faves, the ‘Jenny Lind’ melon. This photo was taken a couple of weeks ago before they were ripe (the skin now is more netted and tan-colored) but it shows the “button” (top right) that’s considered one of the determining features of this variety.

Inside, these muskmelons have a beautiful light lime-green flesh that’s juicy and sweet.

We’re especially fond of them not only because they grow well in the cooler weather here in the north but because of Northampton’s connection to Jenny Lind.

As the story goes, Jenny Lind- a Swedish opera singer popular in the mid-nineteenth century- dubbed Northampton “The Paradise of America” when performing at the Academy of Music Theatre.

Now Northampton is known as “Paradise City”, though I sometimes get funny looks from people who only have the G N’ R association 😉

We’ll be bringing our Jenny Linds to the next Florence Wednesday Farmers Market, August 27, 2-6 pm.