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#HandmadeChat: My 15 Minutes of Fame

fresh-cut herbs from the garden

On Thursday evenings from 8 to 9pm ET, the Indie Business Network (IBN) hosts #HandmadeChat, a Twitter talk show to help handmade and creative entrepreneurs sell more products, have more fun, and be more successful personally and professionally.

While the show is aimed mainly at business owners who make and sell handmade consumer products, the topics and discussions can empower and encourage the growth of any small business.

I had the immense pleasure of being interviewed at last night’s chat by the lovely Donna Maria Coles Johnson, IBN’s founder. We talked herbs and micro-farming and how my lifestyle influences my business and the skin care products I make.

You can read a transcript of the interview at Donna Maria’s blog. She says she’s inspired “to go outside and dig around in the dirt”. I couldn’t ask for better 😉

2 thoughts on “#HandmadeChat: My 15 Minutes of Fame

  1. It was a pleasure having you on #HandmadeChat yesterday, Sheri. I learned so much and I really am inspired by you and your dedication and mission. I learned so much just in our hour together and I’m thrilled to be learning more every day as I follow you on Twitter and read your blog. Thank you for sharing so generously on our show. I hope to have you as a guest again soon!

  2. Thank you for inviting me and for making it so much fun, dM! I was a bit nervous to “speak” in front of a group, but you made me feel like we were all old friends sitting together chatting over coffee.

    And what a Brain Trust you’ve got goin’ on at #HandmadeChat! Amazing things are bound to happen when Indies put their heads together!

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