the Garden Party

garden gate

Looking for a place to hang out, talk plants, swap recipes, and explore plant magic?

Please join me at my garden party!

It’s a private members-only area, inside the garden gate, where we’ll explore plants by season (and a bit by whimsy).

I want to move beyond just seeing plants as a useful commodity giving us food and medicine and get to know them as individuals, as people (because they are!).

Each month I’ll be writing about a different plant, with a profile and images, recipes, and growing info and you can join the conversation with your comments, questions, experience and ideas.

The December 2019 page, Mint, is unlocked so you can take a peek but comments are disabled.

the Schedule

December: MintMarch: ChickweedJune: RoseSeptember: Echinacea
January: SeaweedApril: ComfreyJuly: ElderflowerOctober: Marshmallow
February: LavenderMay: SageAugust: CalendulaNovember: Yarrow

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