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Garden Aromatherapy



Top on my list of “To-Do’s” today: harvesting Mint. I love Mints and grow several different varieties.

Or you might say, the Mints grow themselves. Mint is famous for overrunning its allotted garden space. I tried containing it, first edging it with slate and later growing it in a container, but Mint finds its way up, over, under, and around all barriers.

(This habit has actually endeared Mint all the more to me- I adore vibrant, enthusiastic, abundant plants!)

So now I let the Mints run wild, which gives me lots to harvest and share. It’s also recommended as a companion plant in the garden, repelling pest insects and attracting beneficial ones.

Taking cuttings of my growing collection of Spearmint, Peppermint, Mojito Mint, Orange Mint, Chocolate Mint, and (new to the garden this year) Ginger Mint is such a joy! It scents the air and my hands with an unbelievably delicious, invigorating fragrance.

It’s aromatherapy for gardeners 😉