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    Made with US-grown Herbs

    Pleased as punch to announce a major systems upgrade: All the herbs used in my vegan skincare line are now US-grown. This redesign means giving up plants I’ve worked with since I started like Rose and Elderflower, but opens up a starring role for some of my besties like Marshmallow and Red Clover. Feels good to lose the carbon miles 🙂

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    Plant Love

    Happy Valentine’s Day <3 I’ve been researching Lavender today and have this song playing over and over in my head… (It’s such a sweet love song. Please don’t tease me about showing my age.)

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    To Craft, or Not To Craft

    That is the question that has been plaguing me. Making bodycare is definitely my thing- don’t get me wrong- I am endlessly awed and entertained watching herbs transform oil and wax into incredibly useful, beautiful things. But is it the best contribution I can be making to the world right now? I racked my brain. I searched my heart. I threw tarot cards. I asked the spider living in the shower. I heard no answer. Being unsure of the right way to go, I pretty much stopped. After time spent agonizing, reading and re-reading herbal texts on the bookshelf and feeling only more unsure, my husband asked me to make…

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    The Enplantae story (so far)

    It started with essential oils and a desire for clean, natural products. It grew into a herb garden that took over the backyard and a desire for real connection with the world. Today, Enplantae.com is the new incarnation of work that began in 2007. Back then, I was making perfumes, salves, soaps, and face creams under the name ‘Paradise City Herbal’ (Paradise City being the nickname of my hometown, Northampton, MA). As the love affair with plants grew, my husband Hawkeye and I expanded our backyard garden to a ‘micro-farm’ with a rented field in a neighboring town (about a 15 minute drive, 30 minutes with traffic, not ideal but…

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    Waiting is the hardest part

    Where are we at with the move from Massachusetts to North Carolina? Waiting… Plans are made but the start on our new path has been delayed. We thought we’d be there by now and dragging out the anticipation of leaving my garden has been brutal. Can’t help thinking as I work in the garden that everything I’m doing, I’m doing for the last time. It’s heartbreaking. I really don’t know how I’m going to say goodbye to this space and these plant people that I’ve loved for 20 years. The upside is the wait has given me the chance to be in the garden until the very end of the…

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    Our 10th Season: Hello, Goodbye.

    Funny thing happened on the way to the farm’s 10th anniversary year- We decided to quit. (Half my brain is excited, the other half is threatening to throw itself off a cliff.) So there we were, getting seed orders prepped for the start of a new farm season, when a sweet little cottage walking distance from the water and a marina pops up for sale- 700 miles away in North Carolina. Hawkeye and I JUMP at it. The Story: Our “get closer to the ocean so we can sail” idea has been brewing for awhile, but we’re only in the middle of our 5-year-transition plan. I am nowhere near ready…

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    50% off Gardener’s Salve

    Gardener’s Salve, for the dry, chapped, cracked, or irritated skin of working hands. I’m updating this blend but have a few of the original left in stock, so I’m offering them at half-off regular price: $10.00 each while they last! Packaged in a recyclable tin that was manufactured in the U.S. 1.75 oz (50 g) net wt.  — Ingredients — White Sage*: Anti-fungal, antibiotic, anti-inflammatory. Comfrey^: Helps promote growth of new skin cells. Echinacea^: Antibacterial, antibiotic, and anti-inflammatory. Plaintain*: Soothes inflammation and accelerates healing of wounds. Meadowsweet*: Helps relieve muscle and joint pain. Extra Virgin Olive Oil*: Conditions and moisturizes. Virgin Coconut Oil*!: Highly emollient and moisturizing. Watermelon Seed Oil: Light textured, highly moisturizing and emollient. Candelilla Wax: Vegan substitute for…

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    Everything balm for everybody

    Been working on new labels and new photos for our farm-made skin balms. Hope I’m heading in the right direction with “everything” balms. Just seems like if you have to buy one product for your face, another for your cuticles, another for your feet (etc,), the only one getting real benefit is the manufacturer. I like keeping things simple, and would rather have one product I can use for everything. So I’ve designed these balms to soothe and protect *all* your skin—face, hands, cuticles, elbows, knees, legs, and feet. And coming soon is a new blend that will be aroma-free, containing no essential oils. Then we’ll have an everything balm for…

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    There she goes (reformulating) again

    Maybe I make it harder than it has to be. But, you know, I want my skincare creations to be perfect and for me that means ingredients that are organic, fair trade, and from as close to home as possible. Which means I have to say goodbye to Watermelon seed oil. I’m hooked on this oil! It’s light, it’s nutritious, so beautiful and so good for skin. Unfortunately, I can’t find it organic. So I’m reformulating my balm recipes and bringing in organic Safflower oil and organic virgin Sunflower oil, two lovely oils I’ve worked with before but kindof forgot as I got caught up with the more exotic options.…

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    Win some, Lose some: Farm update

    The farmers are hot, sweaty, and tired. A local weatherman confirmed this today, saying we haven’t had a day under 80ºF since July 8. To my memory, most days have been over 85ºF with really high humidity. And the rain- so much rain! It’s great to not have to use irrigation but we’ve had way too much rain. Good news for the city reservoirs. Bad news for our plants. We lost the crookneck squash and many zucchini, all the basil, a bunch of rosemaries, and the sweet peppers are struggling. Fortunately, everybody else seems to be hanging in there. We’ve got lots of beans, patty pan squash, kale, callaloo, hot peppers,…