Dry sage in wooden scoop and green twigs

Handmade. Small batch. Vegan.

Created by a plant-loving compulsive label-reader.

Sheri makes all of our skincare by hand at our studio using certified organic herbs and veggies. You’ll also find organic fair trade vegetable oils and butters as ingredients, as well as pure essential oils.

You won’t find any unnecessary or undesirable additives like synthetic fragrances and preservatives, or animal by-products. No palm oil either.

And of course, there’s never any animal testing! Every product is tested by happy volunteer humans.

Simple recipes blending herbs, garden veggies, vegetable oils and butters, and essential oils moisturize and protect skin with no worries about what you’re absorbing or what’s running down the drain.

photo of sheri

A little background…

Enplantae is the new incarnation of work that began in 2007. Back then, I was making perfumes, salves, soaps, and face creams under the name ‘Paradise City Herbal’ (Paradise City being the nickname of my hometown, Northampton).

As the love affair with plants grew, my husband Hawkeye and I expanded our backyard garden to a ‘micro-farm’ with a rented field in a neighboring town (about a 15-20 minute drive, 30 minutes with traffic, not ideal but it worked). We grew herbs and vegetables as ‘Paradise City Micro-Farm’ for 10 years with 2019 being our last season.

Farming was a joy for us. Living so intimately with the plants, the wild critters, the weather, became all we really wanted to do.

Early in 2019 we began plotting an escape from the hustle-bustle of our rapidly-growing hometown to get closer to nature, closer to the water, and planned a 5 year transition.

For fun, we started looking online at houses for sale in the town we wanted to move to. Wouldn’t you know it, a house we LOVED popped up. Suddenly, Hawkeye and I couldn’t figure out what we were waiting 5 years for. We decided to move as quickly as possible.

We’re currently still in Northampton, MA but are hoping to be settled in our new hometown of Oriental, NC before Spring 2020. The farm is shut down but the herbal kitchen is re-opening with new skincare creations for Holiday Season 2019.

What we use in our skincare and where it comes from

Coconut Oil
virginCertified Organic & Fair Trade sourced from: India, Philippines, Sri Lanka
Olive Oilextra virgin
Certified Organic
sourced from: Italy, Spain, Tunisia
Safflower Oil
refinedCertified Organic
sourced from: Mexico sourced from: Italy, Spain, Tunisia
Sunflower Seed OilvirginCertified Organic sourced from: Argentina, China, Italy, Netherlands
Mango Butter
refinedCertified Organic
sourced from: India, refined in Netherlands
Candelilla Wax sourced from: Mexico, USA