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    See You at the Market Tomorrow!

    Come see our little slice of herbal heaven tomorrow at the Florence Farmers Market, 2-6 pm! We’ve got tons of tasty garden goodies for you like fresh-cut spearmint, garlic chives, sorrel, spinach, and radish. And we have fresh greens for your furry companions too- “Pet Grass” is nutritious wheat grass growing in leak-proof Chinese food take-out containers. Our indoor kitties are crazy for it! If you’re looking for plants to add to your garden, we’ll have the medicinal herbs st. johnswort, echinacea, yarrow, and motherwort, plus lots of heirloom tomato and hot pepper starts. Last but not least, you’ll also find my handmade vegan bodycare there: eye cremes, moisturizers, baby balm, baby powder, and…

  • In the Herb Garden

    Let the Herbs be Wild

      Down with deadheading! “Lazy” gardening has much to recommend! Common wisdom tells us to not allow Arugula (aka Salad Rocket) to flower and go to seed. But look how beautiful Arugula’s flowers are! And they’re edible too. Not only do you and the insects get to enjoy the flowers, this lets the plants plant themselves. Arugula, lettuces, and many herbs will naturalize in your garden if you let them. So you get more plants with less work. Go wild 🙂