• In the Herb Garden

    Winter Harvest at the Micro-Farm

    Here’s Hawkeye with fresh-picked lettuce and arugula from the cold frame on December 23rd. This is what I call living large! (Okay, the tattered basket might not qualify as “large”. New baskets are on the list!) We’ve had snow since then and wouldn’t be getting anymore growth from the plants anyway, so that’s it for us for the rest of the Winter. Lettuce should be ready again by mid-March. Beets, carrots and scallions are planted in the cold frame too, but this is our first try at over-wintering them so I’ve no idea what to expect.   All of next season’s veggie seeds have been ordered, and the Seed Savers Exchange and Johnny’s…

  • Herbs & Ingredients

    Coconut Oil for Hair Repair

    Virgin coconut oil is one of my favorite oils. Besides the beautiful natural aroma, it’s an easy and effective hair conditioner adding shine as well as repairing dry and damaged hair. This is coconut oil infused with lavender flower, holy basil leaf, and rosemary leaf; herbs that condition, reduce tangles, strengthen hair, and stimulate growth. Don’t you just love that green? With jojoba oil, hemp seed oil, and lavender, holy basil and rosemary essential oils added, this is what I’ve been using to deep condition the “supercrunch” I’ve got goin’ on (my hair is so dry right now it actually sounds crunchy!). Split ends be gone!