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    August Greetings from Herban Paradise

      For me, August in Western Massachusetts is all about Goldenrod, Elderberry & Echinacea! Read about these important Winter medicines in the latest Newsletter, plus get the details on my upcoming in-store demo at River Valley Market as part of the ‘Eat Local America’ celebration.   River Valley Market will be offering 10% off on all Paradise City Herbal skin and baby care. Online shoppers can take advantage of our local celebration too: Save 10% on all Skin and Baby care products through September 15, 2012.   My monthly newsletter is also available by email subscription. The email version has subscriber-only specials, first-looks at new products, and subscriber-only giveaways. Grab your copy here 🙂  

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    Garden Aromatherapy

      Top on my list of “To-Do’s” today: harvesting Mint. I love Mints and grow several different varieties. Or you might say, the Mints grow themselves. Mint is famous for overrunning its allotted garden space. I tried containing it, first edging it with slate and later growing it in a container, but Mint finds its way up, over, under, and around all barriers. (This habit has actually endeared Mint all the more to me- I adore vibrant, enthusiastic, abundant plants!) So now I let the Mints run wild, which gives me lots to harvest and share. It’s also recommended as a companion plant in the garden, repelling pest insects and attracting beneficial…