• In the Herb Garden

    Today’s Harvest Basket

      Here’s today’s garden harvest: Basil, Wormwood and Mugwort. Basil’s for pesto, Wormwood’s for absinthe, and the Mugwort I’m infusing into oil while still fresh for a massage oil that helps with lower back pain, menstrual cramps and neck stiffness.  

  • The Latest News

    I Have the Best Job

      My husband came by today just as I was finishing up a new batch of eye cremes. He looked at the big tub of coconut oil, jars of herbal oils, aloe, rose hydrosol, and all the other ingredients piled on the counter, along with the neatly-lined-up little jars of fresh creme. He watched as I rubbed some leftover shea butter onto my elbows and knees, then proclaimed, “You have the best job!” He’s right – I do!

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    Down with Disease, the micro-farm story so far….

    Hello! Hope Summer is treating you well! I missed publishing my Summer Solstice Newsletter a couple of weeks back because I was ‘down with disease’. Yup, I’m now a member of the rapidly-growing Lyme Disease club (my husband, Hawkeye, became a member last year). Near-drought conditions, extended-higher-than-normal temperatures, and being sick has made our ‘micro-farm kick-off year’ even harder than we anticipated. Hawkeye has been managing the off-site garden all on his own, while I’ve struggled to keep our on-site garden even just limping along. The fatigue I had for weeks from Lyme made it impossible to do much more than get out of bed some days…. Garden News: Harvested…