• Herbs & Ingredients

    Grow your own Smudge

    I adore using White Sage as incense. You too? But it’s considered endangered, so it’s better to use only what we can grow, not take from wild populations. Did you know regular ol’ Garden Sage makes a beautiful smudge?

  • In the Herb Garden

    A Visit to Paradise….

    A bit of history about my hometown, “Paradise City”, Northampton, Massachusetts, from the Puritans to the Present: African-American abolitionist and women’s rights activist Sojourner Truth Preacher Jonathan Edwards Sylvester Graham, the 19th century vegetarian who invented the graham cracker President Calvin Coolidge Poet Sylvia Plath And very exciting to me, the old photo of the streetcar going down the center of Main Street at 1:25. Wish it was still here 🙂