Garden Life

Our 10th Farming Season: Hello, Goodbye.

farmhouse and garden illustration

Funny thing happened on the way to the farm’s 10th anniversary year- We decided to quit.

(Half my brain is excited, the other half is threatening to throw itself off a cliff.)

So there we were, getting seed orders prepped for the start of a new farm season, when a sweet little cottage walking distance from the water and a marina pops up for sale- 700 miles away in North Carolina. Hawkeye and I JUMP at it.

The Story: Our “get closer to the ocean so we can sail” idea has been brewing for awhile, but we’re only in the middle of our 5-year-transition plan. I am nowhere near ready (I can’t even imagine leaving my garden, not to mention the promise I made to my mom I wouldn’t move far away… ).

We’re getting older though and constantly dream about a slower paced, quieter life. With time to wander and play with friends.

“How can it get any slower than farming?”, you might be thinking. Well, it’s getting crowded in Northampton. At least, too crowded for us. Traffic is constant and drives me nuts.

And the thing about farming: Long hours and demanding physical labor every day the weather allows. No time to do anything, go anywhere, enjoy our short time on this planet, you know?

It was invaluable education to live so close to the plants, and we’re proud to have contributed fresh, locally-grown herbs and vegetables to our community. Good food is something we really value. But phew, we need a break.

During a week of rollercoaster “Should we shouldn’t we? Are we doing the right thing? What if someone buys the house first?!?”, we realize how much we really want this and think maybe people already in their 50’s shouldn’t wait when the universe makes them a sweet offer.

We’ll know by the end of the month if things with this house will work out. But either way, we’ve got our direction and are on our way.

Worries? Oh yeah. We’ll garden and plant lots of herbs at the new house of course, but what will become of the garden I leave behind? Our bodycare business can go with us. The plants, not so much.

Not to mention, how can a plant devotee spend time away from her garden to travel out on the water? Sounds impossible. I only know that when the wind blows, it’s time to hoist the sails.