Seeing thru Green-colored Glasses

lettuce in a basket placed near a vegetable patch 

image by Bouvier Sandrine,
Our lives are full of plants: herbs, flowers, grasses, moss, trees. They surround and support us everyday, though sometimes we’re too busy to notice. And sometimes, you have to know how to look.

Living in Plant World

Take a little time to admire the flowers as you weed the garden. Crush herbs between your palms and linger over the aroma as you cook. Blend your own bath tea and take a long, soothing soak.

Enjoy all the different colors, textures, aromas, and flavors the plants give us. Those moments of consciously celebrating the plants remind you that you are connected to Nature– you’re part of Nature– even when you can’t quite feel it.

Plant-powered Skincare

natural ingredients
Handmade. Vegan. Small batch.
Created by a plant-loving compulsive label-reader.

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Oils, Salves, Creams & Butters

A little botanical care can help you feel good inside and out. Find the right blend for you:

  • Is your skin dehydrated and stressed from too much time in the artificial light and recycled air indoors? Soften & refine with Blend No.1: Echinacea, Marshmallow & Red Clover
  • Or do you spend alot of time outside, drying and sensitizing your skin with exposure to sun and wind? Rejuvenate & condition with Blend No.2: Mint, Kelp & Oatstraw