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Welcome Plant Lovers

Growing, cooking, crafting with, living with, learning from, caring for, and communing with Plants, our oldest friends. That’s Plant Magic.

Our lives are full of plants. Plants- herbs, flowers, grasses, moss, trees– surround and support us everyday, though sometimes we’re too busy to notice. And sometimes, you have to know how to look.

Want to see life through green-tinted glasses? Tapping into plants’ natural magic can be as easy as just slowing down.

Take a little time to admire the flowers as you weed the garden. Crush herbs between your palms and linger over the aroma as you cook. Enjoy all the different colors, textures, aromas, flavors the plants give us.

Those moments of consciously celebrating the plants remind you that you are connected to Nature– you’re part of Nature– even when you can’t quite feel it.

Celebrate plants with me

Plants are some of the coolest people. Food, medicine, bodycare, perfume. They lend themselves to whatever we need. They also show us beauty. Who doesn’t want more plant magic in their life?

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Introducing our new skincare- a new name, new recipes and new packaging

Created by a plant-loving compulsive label-reader. Handmade, small batch, and vegan.

Simple recipes blending herbs, garden veggies, vegetable oils and butters, and essential oils moisturize and protect skin with no worries about what you’re absorbing or what’s running down the drain.

Whether it’s sun, wind, digging in the garden, recycled office air, or city pollution that’s drying and stressing your skin, a little botanical care can help you feel good inside and out.

our new skin cream

Now available

Our first new body butter cream, ‘Ori’.

Rich and deeply moisturizing, this mango butter cream is infused with the sunshiny garden gifts of early Summer.: Roses, Calendula , Elderflower & Carrots.


You won’t find any unnecessary or undesirable additives like synthetic fragrances and preservatives, or animal by-products. No palm oil either.

And of course, there’s never any animal testing! Every product is tested by happy volunteer humans.